About Us

World Telangana Padmashali Society (WorldTPS) is formed to help the needy indiaviduals and families. Apart from community social responsibility WorlTPS aims to networkign and connecting the Telangana Padmashali professionals all over the world.

It is every human responsibility to contribute soem thing to the socienty, even it is not only withign the community. WorldTPS brings you the stories of thsoe families whose eyes are alwasy looking for the hand to help them.
Communication creates network, network develops relationships. Join hands connect together to generate a larger community network in the world. Share ideas, messages, problems, solutions, and happiness. Let us spread the community hands to help together.
Know the festivals, events, and our traditions. Pick the event convinient for your schedule and make sure to attend at least one event in a quarter to keep the relations live and strong. Make new friends share, share new thoughts.